Manchester Student VC Group

Meet our Manchester Student VCs

University of Manchester was our 2nd university partner and this team was recruited for individual merit, enthusiasm, their skillset (and their ability to apply those skills). But they were also recruited as a team which would be diverse in terms of background, discipline and experience. Here's who we ended up with...

Current Team

Vojtech Petrus

Chemistry, 4th & final year

Myrto Lalacos

Organisational Psychology, Masters

Jack Riminton


Cindy Soh

Medicine, 2nd year

Driss Ouazzani


Loreta Hasana

Biotechnology, 2nd year

Adaobi Adibe

Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 1st year

Chris Ikunnah

Dentistry, 3rd year

Unéné Gregory

Mechanical Engineering | Biomechatronics, PhD

Rishan Rahman

Chemical Engineering, 1st year

Riddi Viswanathan

Business Studies & Economics, 3rd & final year

Oliver Gough

Economics, 2nd year

Fritz Lensch

Innovation, Sustainability & Entrepreneurship, 1st year

Amira Battle

Enterprise Textiles & Fashion. Masters

Juli Okayama

Physics, 1st year

Nancy Lin

Linguistics and Sociology, 3rd year

Ignas Bolsokovas

CompSci & Mathematics, 3rd year


Lynn Sheppard

Manchester Enterprise Centre Director

Martin Henery

Enterprise Academic, Manchester Business School