Campus Capital is a VC firm that builds early stage, high growth investment funds in partnership with some of the UK's leading universities. These funds will be based on campus and part-run by active students with the guidance and supervision of the Campus Capital board. This structure will enable us to be part of the fabric of each university, allowing us to nurture entrepreneurial talent and truly add value to companies before and after making an investment.

Gain real world investment experience by joining and running a Campus Capital Student VC Group in your city.

Receive smart money that you can actually trust through a process that's fast, honest and designed to support YOU.

Receive a balanced portfolio of tax efficient investments while making a real impact within your former University,

Increase the engagement of your alumni, while providing a richer student experience though experiential learning.


Campus Capital was founded with the mission to forever change the UK early stage venture capital landscape for the better. For us to achieve this we aim to do a number of key things differently.

The world of Venture Capital and high growth startups is certainly in vogue right now, but is often misunderstood and distorted by Silicon Valley-tinted glasses. Our aim is to show how UK venture capital really works through our crystal-clear processes and experiential learning programme.

Raising investment can be frustrating and time consuming, especially if the round isn't progressing and you don’t know why. We tell founders the amount of funds we have left to place, how many investments we’ve made so far this year, and how we come to our investment decisions.

A set of bad terms can be detrimental to a founder, investor and even the company as a whole. Because of this we've had multiple lawyers collaboratively create a set of documents which are founder friendly, but provide us with the necessary protections. We’re so confident they're fair, we publish them!

A good way to stomp all over the morale of a startup’s founder is to give them a never-ending MAYBE. We believe the 2nd best answer after 'Yes' is 'No, because'. This not only saves time, but also provides insight to build on. Our decisions are always careful and considered, but prompt and to the point.

The worst investment decisions are made because investors see all their peers ‘going in’ on a round and suddenly have the ‘fear of missing out’. We will make all of our investment decisions based on our own thesis, research and knowledge and not whether there are other investors on board or not.

No founder should accept 'dumb money'. An investment from us means we’ll do everything we can to help you to the next stage. Whether that’s with our own industry experience and expertise. Or through opening up our little black book and connecting you to our university knowledge networks.

Hidden fees suck, especially when you only find out about them at the end of the process. We will never charge companies a ‘management’ or ‘close’ fee beyond our fixed legal costs. - We won’t even charge expenses when we take part in your board meetings and have been known to pay for our own coffee.

It’s insane to raise £150k just to pay out £15k in legal fees. Our standard terms and industry partnerships mean we can keep legal costs low, and get deals closed quickly. This increases your runway and gets you back to focusing on building your company as soon as possible.

Starting up is hard. Scaling up is harder. Our partners and board members have been through this process themselves and vicariously through the startups they have mentored. We don’t pretend to know everything, but we do have knowledge and experience which will help you avoid the startup version of a 5-car pileup.

"Tech North strongly support Campus Capital"

Tech North are keen to improve access to investment in the North of England and strongly support Campus Capital as they not only seek to help solve the funding gap but also wish to create the next home-grown venture capital experts, further strengthening the North's investment eco-system.

James Bedford

Head of Investment Strategy at Tech North

The Campus Capital model addresses all of the pain points I felt while raising investment.

It's Campus Capital's mission to address the inefficiencies, problems and pain points entrepreneurs face when raising Venture Capital.

Michael Howe

Founding Partner - Campus Capital

Campus Capital is different from other opportunities I have had at university.

The ability to make decisions that are real and have real impacts on the decision processes will provide an invaluable experience that will put all the students who participate in Campus Capital ahead of the competition


Final year Economics and Finance student


Our blog covers a whole range of topics, from VC insights and fundraising tips though to founder stories and the occasional guest post.


Without the kind support of our sponsors we would be unable to deliver on our mission of providing students with experiential learning opportunities.